BMS Safaris Team

With BMS Safaris , the truthful, honest company provides services to a western standard. The professional employees understand the needs of clients and are proud to work for, BMS safaris team. Our team will care and look after you on your trip, even in any emergences on safari. Our team has so many years combined experience and is committed of making wonderful Tanzanian trips. BMS Safaris has a good history success rate even though it’s a relatively new company. The name was founded after owner met and realized that Tanzania has amazing holidays which needs professionals with innovative ideas.

Buhembo Elicana l worked for several of years with people’s expeditions and the local communities before founding BMS Safaris. Our aim is to give each client a truly unforgettable journey ranging in price from budget camping safari to luxury lodge safari. We are the ideal company with expertise in Tanzania holidays. No matter how long your holiday might be, we make it special and memorable. There is a lot of competition with other tour operators but we feel confident that we really go the extra mile when caring for our clients, whereas other companies don’t.

The home of adventure is waiting to welcome you to Tanzania, experience the landscape of Africa, highest mountain of Africa, wildlife of Africa, Cultures of Africa and tropical beaches of Africa.