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Beach Holidays in Tanzania

Even as it grows in popularity among travellers, Zanzibar remains a rustic paradise. Large parts of the Zanzibar islands (with exotic names like Mafia Island, Pemba Island and Mnemba) are still pristine, offering you the chance to experience an exotic and authentic Indian Ocean island holiday.

Zanzibar's name alone is evocative of spice, colourful fabrics and exotic beaches fringed by coral reefs. Located off the west coast of Tanzania, this African paradise has a rich history, tropical climate, vibrant multi-cultural people and a variety of Zanzibar accommodation to make Zanzibar island holidays unforgettable.

The markets of Stone Town are always bustling, rich with the sounds of competitive trading and the smells of a thousand spices. The city's old quarter and has been declared a World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural significance.

The diving in Zanzibar is considered to be some of the best in the world and diving sites around the islands offer an underwater safari to rival even your most memorable overland adventures. Diving is excellent all year round, although December - March offers the best scuba diving. Find out the best time to visit Zanzibar before planning your Zanzibar island holiday.

And let's not forget the mainland beaches of Tanzania. Pangani and Bagamoyo offer a delightful alternative and are better sutied for those with time constraints. We'll show all the beaches of Tanzania and you'll agree that this is a treasure on the Indian Ocean.