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Kilimanjaro Trekking Routes

Climbing Kilimanjaro is not a simple case of going up and heading back down again. There are a number of route options to choose from. Considerations such as climate, scenery, difficulty and foot traffic ultimately play a large role in the route a climber decides to take. Find the route that works best for you to start planning your ideal Kilimanjaro experience:

Perhaps the oldest but also the easiest route up Kilimanjaro, the Marangu route follows a gradual slope up the mountain. The route can be completed in 5 days but Kilimanjaro-Experience takes the 6-day option to allow for better acclimatisation. The route is 69km in length and is nicknamed the ‘Coca Cola route’ being the most classic trek up the mountain. It is favoured during the rainy season and ascends and descends using the same path.

This 70km route approaches from the north, very close to the Kenyan border. It is a route gaining traction and a recommended option for those looking to stay away from the crowds. It takes a minimum of 6 days to complete this route which is regarded as moderately steep and difficult. It is a great option for those with little hiking experience. It is also a popular option during the rainy season.

Most climbers will take a minimum of 6 days to complete Kilimanjaro on this route. It is considered fairly difficult and is well suited to the more adventurous and those with hiking experience. Nicknamed the ‘whiskey route’, it is the most popular route with our guests thanks to its challenging conditions and spectacular views of the summit.

This route is nearly identical to the Lemosho route and approaches Kilimanjaro from the west. It takes around 7 days to complete and climbers using this route need to be confident with their ability to acclimatise, given the high starting point. It is a varied and beautiful route and crosses the incredible Shira Plateau before later joining the Machame route.

Short and steep, the Umbwe route is not often used and said to be the most demanding on the mountain. Due to the route not providing much time for acclimatisation, the success rate is not as high as on the other routes. This climb takes a minimum of 5 days and is 51 km in length.

Regarded as one of the best routes up Kilimanjaro, the Northern route is also among the newest. It is one of the longest routes available, which allows for more climbing time and is great for acclimatisation. This means it has one of the highest success rates for reaching the summit. The route offers incredible varied scenery and, generally, a low number of visitors.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Routes