Kilimanjaro Machame Route

After arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, we'll pick you and check into our hotel. We spend a nights in Moshi allowing you time to regenerate and meet with your guides next day as they give you a pre-climb details and gear check as well, you can do hiking at Moshi town with a guide.

DAY 2: MOSHI TO MACHAME CAMP (10000ft/3000m)

Drive to Kilimanjaro National Park at Machame Gate for check in and our trek this day will be long through hiking the mountain forest to Machame Campsite, We’ll hike 5 to 7 hours.

DAY 3: MACHAME CAMP- SHIRA CAVE (12500ft/3800m)

After breakfast, you'll start hiking the steep ridge and across heath and moorland to "picnic rock for the hot lunch" and the Shira Plateau, to Shira Cave for overnight we’ll hike 5 to 7 hours.

DAY 4: SHIRA CAVE TO BARRANCO (12850ft/3800m)

Heading towards Lava Tower and having a packed lunch/picnic lunch at 14950-ft/4556-m good view of Western Breech, Arrow glacier and Kibo, crossing a broad valley and climbing to a ridge crest, crossing scree slopes and a river valley to reach Barranco Camp for overnight we’ll hike 5 to 7 hours.

DAY 5: BARRANCO TO KARANGA (13,200ft/4,023m)

After breakfast, this day will be a fun day but our big challenge is to hike up the Barranco Wall, a 500 -ft lava flow. It’s not a technical wall, but challenging nonetheless. Once on top of the "wall", the climb becomes easier and extremely beautiful with fantastic views of the crags and crevasses of the jagged peaks of Kibo on your left. Lastly we descend into the Karanga Valley then up to the camp sunsets there is truly spectacular.

DAY 6: KARANGA-BARAFU &SUMMIT (15,200ft/4,633m)

It’s all slope and a little uphill to the rocky, Barafu means "ice" in Swahili, and it is extremely windy and cold at this altitude. There is a buzz of excitement in the air, as climbers anticipate our toughest day just ahead. The clouds revealing the eroded peak of Mawenzi, painted with colors of the African sun. Summit will be at midnight Today’s the toughest day, we slowly go up over the rocky outcrops and through the scree until we reach to the top of the rim earlier to enjoy the sunrise on the top of the roof of Africa, view of the summit is dramatic, the weather and effects of altitude will determine how long we stay here. After summit back to Barafu for lunch then down to Mweka camp for last night on the mountain.


Mweka Camp: (10,000ft/3000m) Mweka Gate: (5,500ft/1,676m) Moshi: ( 3,000ft/600m) • 30 minutes drive to the Hotel

In the morning, we have a 3-4 hour walk down to the gate, where the Covenant tours vehicles meet you and take you back to the hotel for Kilimanjaro certificate and your day is celebrating with lots of songs.