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BMS Safaris Limited is a Tanzanian Company based in Arusha, a city located in Northern Tanzania. Our company is fully licensed. It is a member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators - the supreme body of all Tanzanian Tour Operators. We are also recognized by Tanzanian Tourism Board. This is the supreme Government organ which oversees all Tourism stake-holders including Tour Operators. BMS Safaris is insured for Public Liability. Our premium is worth a Maximum of US$500,000.

The top management is steered by the Managing Director.A Tanzanian by birth, origin & creed, Buhembo ventured into investing in Tourism due to his love for nature and the beauty of the Tanzanian landscape. He has built a strong team.

Managing Director of BMS Safaris Ltd

Mr. Buhembo Elikana Suleiman
The Sales & Marketing Director oversees all sales-related correspondence, product development and identification of the contemporary market requirements. Whenever you send an enquiry, the very first impression you get after a couple of correspondences is that you are dealing with the right people.

Marketing Director –
The products covered range from Taylor-made Itineraries to regular programs, from Incentive groups to Beach Holidays, from Mountain climbing to Wilderness trekking, Domestic flights - be they scheduled or chartered to Regional flights. Ideally, we take you to any point in our beloved country – Tanzania.

The Operations Manager | Tours Consultant | Meet-&-Greet officer
The Operations Manager assisted by Tours Consultants, man the enquiries through e-The Operations Manager – Suleiman Elikana Buhembo Tours Consultant – E-mails observing a traditional turn-around time of 24 hours. All the Reservations, instructions to the Guides, vehicles movement and guest relations are controlled by this team. Our Customer Relations staff provides Meet-and-Greet services, airport assistance,informative pre-Safari briefings and post-safari debriefings.

With a fleet of 15 vehicles, all of them are 4x4, capable of handling any sort of weather conditions on our adventurous roads. Out of these, five vehicles are 8-seaters, nine are 6-seaters and one is special for honeymooners. It is this outfit which makes BMS Safaris Tanzania, become capable of handling various products for different group sizes with ease.

Backup Department
We have a fully-equipped garage under a qualified Motor-vehicle Engineer whose maintenance routine guarantees that a Safari vehicle handles every assignment smoothly. The Garage Team in action Workshop Manager Among the experts in the garage employees are Mechanics, Panel beaters, painters, and electricians. Together they form a resourceful team capable of handling any fault in a vehicle.

Our Driver-Guides are highly professional and they always super-cede the clients’ expectations. Their enthusiasm for nature as well as their ability to spot animals is amazing. Below is a sample of the guides who will take you on a memorable Tanzanian Safari.

At the first sight, Ramadhan humbleness captures your attention. So talented a driver, he will take you through any type of terrain regardless of the nature of the weather. His knowledge on animals and tactful ability to touch on interesting topics leaves many amazed. A qualified driver-guide with 6 years experience, he appears to be headed for greater heights in years to come.

Ramadhan Buhembo welcomes you on board with his big smile – his trademark. A qualified Driver-guide, he has a special interest in birds. With five years of working experience, Ramadhan has exerted a special tireless working style admired by both normal and professional photographers in search of special photos depicting details. Moving in the wildernessareas from dawn to dusk spotting animals and birds is his cup of tea. Besides the strong and healthy, Freddy has a special hand for the elderly clients.

For special-interests groups, we provide a Naturalist whose precision in interpreting flora-and- fauna denotes a lengthy experience in his field leaving many-a-tourists mesmerized. Having been a lecturer in Wildlife Management Colleges in Tanzania and in Botswana over a period of ten years, Rodrick Mgona enthralls all who are lucky to travel with him due to his eloquence during his special well-researched lectures, his passion for our flora and fauna yet a down-to-earth person who relates well with both the young and the elderly guests.



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BMS Safaris Ten Commandments on Safari
BMS Safaris Ten Commandments on Safari. All People of the World presently and future would be very grateful and appreciable if you would obey the ten commandments of Eco – Tourism while travelling with BMS.Safaris Limited

1. Respect the frailty of these Wildernesses. If you won’t be willing to help in Preservation, these unique and beautiful destinations would not be here for future generations to enjoy.

2. Take only photographs leave only footprints. Don’t litter around the Parks, No graffiti, do not take away any object found around in Nature areas and in historical sites.

3. Educate yourself about Geography, Culture, Customs, behaviors and manners of the destination you visit. This will make your Safari more joyful and enjoyable.

4. Do not take photos to other people before asking for their permission. Respect dignity and privacy of others.

5. Buying products made from endangered plants or animals, such as Ivory, Tortoise shell, animal hides and feathers are prohibited, so don’t do that.

6. Do not disturb animals by throwing objects to awake or to provoke them. Always follow the designated tracks and Roads.

7. Be a supporter and a conservationist in Preserving African Nature. Don’t be just a partaker.

8. Encourage others to obey the rules & Regulations that govern these areas, encourage other drivers to stop engines when parked.

9. Patronize those hotels, airlines, resorts, cruise lines, and tour operators who advance power and environmental conservation.

10. Expect the best Safari from BMS Safaris and never the least of your expectations. If you make these wishes, we’ll try our best to confirm it.

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