About Tanzania

Tanzania is the authentic Africa in a nutshell besides being the cradle of mankind, proven by Dr. L. Leakey's early mans findings in 1959, in the Oldupai Gorge at a place known as Leatoli where footprints remains estimated to be aging over 3.6 million years ago were discovered, engraved on a volcanic rock within the Ngorongoro Conservation's Area for us to acknowledge. There is almost everything any holiday adventurous seek for to make dreams real in this country.

Tanzania proudly boasts of its wide range of fascinating cultures, she is blessed with over 120 ethnic tribes and indigenous traditionalists who speak more languages than that number. Despite such a diversity Tanzanian 's are peacefully bond together under one National flag, a Democratic multi-party state and multiple religions, all harmonizing without any ethnic or religious tensions of recent.

Speaking one common African language ‘'KISWAHILI'' which its origins blend from the romantic spice Islands of Zanzibar. Swahili is now a major communication language for most East and Central and partly Southern African states. As a matter of fact Kiswahili is rated No.6 among the most influentially international spoken languages today.Truly this place is amongst the most exciting and stable in the region, Tanzania is home to the world's highest freestanding and Africa's highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro – (5896 m) and Mawenzi-(5,280 m) situated in Kilimanjaro region.

Africa 's only active volcanic mountain, ''The Mountain of God” in the Masaai vernacular, (its sacred to them!) Ol'doinyo Lengai - (2875 m) located in the crater highlands of Ngorongoro and the dormant volcanic Mt. Meru - (4,575 m) within the Little Serengeti - Arusha N. Park and not forgetting other less popular peaks like Mount Hanang (3417 m) in the Rift valley Manyara region, and the Masaai Mountains of Longido (2660 m) etc, Tanga's Usambara Mountains, and Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro.

The Rift valley escarpment, forest's, rivers, the great lakes-Nyanza (victoria) and the great Tanganyika and Nyasa (Malawi), Semi desert areas and romantic Zanzibar Archipelago Island coast, 804Km stretch mainland beaches and the tropical snows of Kili make Tanzania unbeatable as far as touring is concerned.Ever imagined dropping from the Arctic to the Equator in 6 or 5 days! Well, that's only possible in this East African region.

Undoubtedly the word SAFARI ! is adopted from Tanzania because it is the holiday seekers paradise. It's the only country in the world that has preserved 25% out of about 1 million Sq km of its land to natural wildlife parks and game reserves.

From the world's greatest National Park Serengeti, the home base of the annually traditional 1.5-2 million wildebeests migration joined with more than 200 thousands of Zebras, hundreds of Gazelles and Antelopes followed by teams of hungry predators, the Ruaha (10,300 Sq Km) and the worlds largest un touched game reserve the Selous (52,000 Sq Km), Gombe Stream N Park-Jane Goodhall's Chimpanzee and other primates paradise, Katavi N. Park- The most concentrated Hippo, Crocodiles and Buffalo park, Tarangire-The Elephant and Baobab tree park and Hemingway's pearl Lake Manyara and Rubondo N. Parks-The floating island park, the nesting sites for almost all vultures around East & Central Africa.

The Ngorongoro Caldera's (crater) - 260 sq Km circumference, 23Km in diameter is a spectacle of its own, a wildlife earth emporium of about 30,000 mammals viewed at an unimaginable close range makes visitors witness it as the true garden of Eden on earth.